Access is everything.

IoT Ecosystem, Smart City, Connected Devices


Smart cities around the globe boast solutions for everything from traffic and transportation to law enforcement and water supply. In many ways, we’ve become incredibly smart on a macro level while ignoring the basics—like access to restrooms, parking garages, and offices—which is what many of us need in our everyday lives. Good2Go access and queue management leverages IoT to create smart spaces where people most want and need them.

Touchless, digital access meets physical spaces. 

Digital credential

Good2Go issues on-demand credentials to access private/secured spaces.

Digital queuing service

Good2Go manages the queue of users awaiting access, notifying users when it’s their turn and routing waiting users to other less busy locations as needed.

Real-time feedback

Users provide real-time feedback on space conditions including cleanliness, supplies and service needs.


The Good2Go system offers invaluable data regarding the usage of the space including things such as wait time, dwell time, access statistics, space utilization and capacity planning.

We are currently designing our product architecture and business model to rapidly scale to cities outside of San Francisco. Beyond restrooms-on-demand, Good2Go access technology and patents are highly scalable to other industries and business verticals such as parking, office spaces, storage facilities, and much more.