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“Using innovative technology to solve problems and create social benefit is a good business model.”

-Fran Heller, Founder and CEO, Good2Go

Good2Go founder Fran Heller was training with a group of runners. One of them needed a restroom which was nowhere to be found. A conversation began about the difficulty and hassle of finding restrooms in an age when technology can do just about anything on a smartphone. A better way was long overdue, not just for restrooms but also for other everyday access needs such as dressing rooms, locked merchandise, office lobbies and EV chargers. Real-life access challenges were the inspiration for the real-life solutions Good2Go provides.

Good2Go access and queue management uses IoT to connect technology to everyday situations, increasing retailer efficiencies and consumer convenience. In short, Good2Go provides touchless and keyless access to the places and spaces people want to go.

San Francisco:
27+ million visitors. 
Almost 1 million residents. Far too few restrooms.

Our first mobile app was inspired by the reality that many major cities struggle with inadequate public resources. The Good2Go restroom on-demand app is currently making life better for both users and retailers throughout San Francisco, with many more cities and access management products launching in the future. Our small team has enjoyed a large reach, serving over 750,000 Good2Go customers with major growth projected ahead.

Driver and delivery personnel

“Thank you for solving a real problem.” - Lyft driver


Parents with young children

"One of the biggest obstacles dads face when they’re out and about with their kids is a lack of access to baby-changing facilities." -Today Parents, Magazine, June 13, 2019



“The number of visitors to San Francisco and their spending have increased for nine straight years.”
- SF Chronicle, March 18, 2019


Good2Go Mobile unit proudly partners with TOTO

TOTO, has always been inspired by a desire to improve everyone’s quality of life. Through almost a century rich with innovation, TOTO has changed the perception of what a bathroom can be — and how it can be used.


Community Commitment

At Good2Go, we believe in the power of community and giving back. We're committed to finding and supporting non-profit organizations that align with our beliefs in every city we launch. In San Francisco, we are proud to support Lava Mae, a non-profit that brings mobile hygiene and other critical services to the street—delivered with an extraordinary level of care called Radical Hospitality.


Good2Go’s partnership with Lava Mae includes donating proceeds, services, and our team’s time at Lava Mae's Pop-Up Care Villages. Our Retailer partners also donate food, and in some cases, their revenue share.

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