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-Forbes Magazine


October 4, 2020

How do you find a clean restroom in the Bay Area during a pandemic? It's not easy.

Concerns about spreading the coronavirus on surfaces have eased. But as with any common space, health experts say that people should touch as little as possible in restrooms and wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. They say to use a paper towel to activate the faucet and to open the door, and to carry hand sanitizer — in case the restroom is out of handwashing supplies. READ MORE

San Francisco Chronicle

Rusty Simmons


July 2, 2019

GovTech360: Expensive Hacks, Better Bathrooms and GT Abroad

It’s been a little over a month since a ransomware attack took out Baltimore’s IT services and cost millions of dollars to recover from. GovTech reporter Lucas Ropek helps break down what happened, how the city could have responded differently, and the potential advantages and pitfalls of paying a ransom. Then, Paul talks to the founder of Good2Go, a startup using tech to match people looking for a public restroom with retailers willing to offer theirs READ MORE


Lucas Ropek and

Paul W. Taylor


April 11, 2019

Good2Go: The App That Helps You Go On The Go

It’s 2pm in a city where you don’t live when an urge to go to the bathroom suddenly peaks. Your hotel is eighteen minutes away in the wrong direction, you’ve already eaten lunch, and you don’t want to spend $4 on a coffee just to use the bathroom. What do you do? READ MORE

Grit Daily

Adam Zuckerman


June 8, 2020

We can take road trips now. But where are we supposed to go to the bathroom?

Yearning for the sea, or at least a vista beyond Arlington, Dan Seligson and his family are contemplating a day trip to Marblehead. If they do go, he’s already got one pandemic‐related challenge figured out: his bathroom strategy. READ MORE

Globe Staff

Beth Teitell

Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 1_edited.jpg

September 24, 2019

Member Spotlight | Good2Go

Have you ever been in a new city and needed to find the nearest restroom? The San Francisco-based startup, Good2Go, launched an app to help users locate safe and sanitary restrooms in any city. We got the chance to talk to the founders about their app READ MORE

Consumer Technology Association

CTA Staff


July 27, 2018

Good2Go makes toilets easier to find—for those with smartphones

A new gatekeeper stands in front of the restrooms at the Whole Foods on Stanyan Street. Wearing a shirt with “Good2Go” embroidered on the chest, he offers a combination of advice and advertisement: If you want to use the toilet, he tells customers, request a receipt with a computer-generated code from the customer READ MORE

San Francisco Chronicle

Jonathan Kauffman


December 11, 2019

Good to Tap, Open, and Go

Good2Go believes that technology can serve people’s everyday needs. The first use case for this San Francisco-based company helps connect people to ADA compliant restrooms that are all-gender and equipped with baby changing stations. Through Good2Go’s app, users can locate a restroom and then unlock and open the door. In addition to solving a need to find accessible restrooms, Good2Go is working with a local non-profit to help provide access to showers for the city’s homeless population.


Faces of 5G

Staff Writer


April 24, 2019

The Sweet Spot for Smart City Startups: Social Solutions People Will Pay For

At its most basic expression, smart cities are ultimately about using connected technology to solve problems. And as the world urbanizes and more people pour into cities, municipalities are dealing with more than their share.

Entrepreneurs, attracted by the potential to create companies while also addressing real-world challenges READ MORE

Smart Cities Connect

Chelsea Collier


July 27, 2018

New App ‘Good2Go’ Helps Users Find Restrooms in Busy Cities

A San Francisco tech company is releasing a new app to help users find a restroom in a crowded city.


The app is called Good2Go and it offers relief from the lack of public restrooms in busy cities like San Francisco, where restrooms are usually accompanied READ MORE


Susie Steimle

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