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Case Study: National Grocer Resolves Restroom Abuse With Good2Go

Updated: Feb 7

Discover how a national grocer resolved restroom security issues with Good2Go automated QR code access control—boosting profits, store safety, and job satisfaction.

Person holding a smartphone with a Good2Go QR code restroom pass on the screen in a grocery store


San Francisco and Denver share some common problems: homelessness, substance abuse, poor mental health and limited public restroom access. COVID-19 worsened these complex issues and has put a huge burden on businesses whose restrooms often get targeted with theft, vandalism, misuse, and other security issues. A national grocery store brand, which has locations in both cities, was greatly affected.

Despite using keys and punch code locks on restroom doors at these high-risk locations, they still experienced daily security escalations, persistent closures due to damage and misuse, and repeated hazmat clean-ups from drug related incidents that cost them thousands. To address these issues, this grocer replaced their existing locks with Good2Go and saw immediate improvement in restroom cleanliness, store safety, customer and staff satisfaction.


Good2Go secures restroom doors with automated access control technology that provides users with a seamless QR code and web-app functionality through a smartphone. This process  creates a digital footprint that deters bad actors, and is exactly how these two grocery stores turned their restroom troubles around.

“We’ve had little to no security escalations, drug incidents, or vandalism since we installed Good2Go.” says Denver’s Loss Prevention Associate. This effectiveness stems from the change in human behavior when having to use a smartphone to gain restroom access. It holds users accountable and reduces security escalations that negatively impact staff and customer wellbeing.

In San Francisco, a Team Leader says, “Good2Go is a night and day difference in cleanliness and safety” and the Store Manager says, “There is a significant improvement in staff workload, safety, and job satisfaction.”

Because Good2Go prevents restroom misuse, they stay cleaner and safer which keeps staff focused on core responsibilities and improves customer retention and loyalty. This greatly reduces costs associated with security, hazmat cleaning, maintenance, supplies, and negative store perception. In fact, these cost-savings amount to the hundreds of thousands, making Good2Go a smart investment with immediate ROI.


After partnering with Good2Go in March 2022, both San Francisco and Denver locations saw a clear business case and compelling results:

  • 255,737 digital credentials used to access restrooms

  • 25% decrease in uniformed security, saving more than $260,000

  • Eliminated hazmat related cleanup costs by $32,000

With foot traffic of over a quarter million, an average of 140 uses per door, per day; the cost savings are substantial. That’s hundreds of dollars saved in avoided daily expenses for each location which directly improves the bottom line. 

Get Started

Only Good2Go automated access solutions offer a single secure access tool for an infinite number of secure entry points. Our simple QR code process is highly scalable across industries. From simple restroom and dressing room solutions to a single point of access for every conceivable customer touch-point–transportation, entertainment, order fulfillment, EV interface, travel, transport, and more–it’s limitless.

To get started with Good2Go, please contact sales today. Securing high-risk areas has never been easier!


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