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Good2Go is Good for Grocery Loss Prevention and Restroom Security

Updated: Feb 7

Grocers lose billions every year from restroom misuse and shrink. Installing Good2Go is the solution for your loss prevention and restroom security needs.

Grocery store aisle with shopping cart in the middle.

Offering in-store restroom access becomes a cost center when misuse creates unsafe conditions and risk for staff and customers. Delivering secure, automated access is the answer to your loss prevention and restroom security needs.

To learn more about how Good2Go’s automated access technology pays for itself in the grocery industry, have a look at these common questions:

Q: What challenge is Good2Go solving for Grocers?

Most cities have inadequate public restroom facilities. As a result, businesses bear the burden of providing restroom access not only for their customers, but for the general population. Providing this access is expensive and labor intensive. Restrooms and dressing rooms create blind spots where traditional loss prevention tools like cameras cannot be used to deter misuse like vandalism, theft and drug related incidents. This type of misuse is common and significantly adds to the overall cost of day-to-day operations and maintenance, and creates undesirable and unsafe conditions for both customers and staff. Good2Go offers a solution that reduces burdens for retailers and simultaneously attracts and retains customers.

Good2Go positively addresses all of the following:

Labor: The system is completely automated; it requires no keys or punch-codes to keep track of, or staff to grant (or deny) access. Its digital fingerprint deters misuse, resulting in improved restroom and dressing room conditions that increase job safety and employee satisfaction.

Cost savings: Automating access assures accountability and deters costly misuse. Our data shows an immediate and significant ROI; deterring just one incident covers the cost of a monthly subscription. Additionally, there are dramatic cost reductions in supplies, repairs, maintenance, and uniformed security.

Brand value: Damage to brand reputation can be devastating and extremely difficult to overcome. Conversely, consumer data demonstrates that brands with a reputation for clean, safe restrooms are favored by consumers and result in higher sales and strong brand loyalty.

Q: How is Good2Go more secure than keypad locks?

For businesses that need to maintain security, relying on a keypad with a shared key or PIN is not the most secure option. If the PIN is shared between a large number of users, it can be difficult to determine accountability. To ensure greater security, using digital and mobile access codes offer a unique footprint that cannot be shared and can be tracked to the user.

Q: What can Grocers expect when integrating?

A quick installation, typically completed in one day. Our technology applies to single stall or multi-stall restrooms and for retailers who sell both grocery or general retail items, Good2Go can also be installed on dressing rooms. It’s safe, convenient and frictionless. In addition, customers love “the magical” touchless experience. Grocers can also gain valuable data for volume and timing of restroom and dressing room access that includes total uses by hour, day and month. Good2Go pays for itself with reduced crime related expenses, lower labor costs, and a very positive customer experience.

Q: What makes this the right time for Grocers to join Good2Go?

Without automated access, grocers risk significant costs from misuse every day. Now is the time to eliminate the barriers between your customer and the products and services they want—with an entry tool that is truly as simple as a QR code. Grocers benefit from an immediate impact on their loss prevention efforts, protecting staff and customers from unsafe conditions and achieving clear savings on supplies, maintenance, and cleaning expenses. Good2Go’s solutions help drive profitability and protect brand reputation.

Get Started

Only Good2Go automated access solutions offer a single access tool for an infinite number of entry points. Our simple QR code process is highly scalable across industries. From simple restroom and dressing room solutions to a single point of access for every conceivable customer touch-point–transportation, entertainment, order fulfillment, EV interface, travel, transport, and more–it’s limitless.

To get started with Good2Go, please contact sales today. Securing high-risk areas has never been more efficient!


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