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Efficient Security: Automated Access for Restroom and Fitting Rooms

Updated: Nov 16

Retailers have poured billions into loss prevention, yet the challenge of securing high-risk zones like restrooms and fitting rooms persists. The game-changer? Automated access.

Image of woman holding smartphone with Good2Go restroom pass on display.

Let’s face it–when it comes to accessing restrooms and fitting rooms in stores–customers expect more from retailers.

Retailers are well aware that these areas are prime targets for theft, crime, and misuse. It's a loss prevention headache that's been haunting stores for decades. Even in our sophisticated digital era, it's mind-boggling that keys and punch codes are still the go-to tools for safeguarding restrooms and fitting rooms.

Sure, keeping things secure is crucial, but keys and punch codes are the villains of in-store experiences. Customers loathe the scavenger hunt for an employee, the inconvenience of fetching and returning keys at the front, and having to memorize pin codes just to try on a pair of pants or use the bathroom. Staff? They're stuck playing referee and dealing with dicey situations when deciding who goes in and who doesn’t.

Customers just want easy access and convenience. Staff just want to focus on their job. And retailers are falling behind.

Retailers, it’s time to automate access

Millions of people use smartphones to interface with all aspects of life–so why can’t we use the same technology to seamlessly access restrooms and fitting rooms while shopping at the store?

Automated access technology is the answer, and retailers can use it to eliminate barriers with an entry tool that is truly as simple as a QR code. By scanning a smartphone to enter, shoppers get seamless access to restrooms and fitting rooms with virtual queueing–allowing them to shop while waiting their turn.

By scanning a smartphone, it creates a digital footprint that deters people from shoplifting, vandalizing, or doing other unwanted activities. Customers get frictionless access to the products and services they want, staff get to enjoy improved job satisfaction, and retailers get to protect brand reputation and drive profitability.

Shoppers love it. Staff love it. Retailers love it. It just makes sense.

Problem solved

Only Good2Go’s automated access solutions offer a single access tool for an infinite number of entry points. Our simple QR code process is highly scalable across industries. From simple restroom and dressing room solutions to a single point of access for every conceivable customer touch-point–transportation, entertainment, order fulfillment, EV interface, travel, transport, and more–it’s limitless.

To get started with Good2Go, please contact sales today. Securing high-risk areas has never been more efficient!

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