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540 Hampshire St

San Francisco, CA 94110

1 (877) 548-4721

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Go time?

Use the Good2Go app to find a restroom and unlock an upgraded experience, complete with modern, touchless fixtures and a baby changing station. Because when you've got to go, access is everything.

Welcome to Restroom 2.0

The Good2Go restroom-on-demand app handles everything from locating the nearest facility to unlocking and opening the door. Enjoy touchless access and modern, water-conserving fixtures for an altogether upgraded experience. Good2Go location partner restrooms are ADA compliant, all-gender, and include baby changing stations.


Good2Go pricing is by visit, day, or month. It’s a small price to pay for big convenience, especially for tourists, rideshare drivers and parents of young children. And when you’re a retail patron access is always free, just request a code.

Single-Use: $0.99

Daily: $2.99

Monthly: $19.99

Retail Patron: Free, request code



In unprecedented times like these, we know how important access to hygienic restrooms is and we are doing everything we can to help.  Many of our location partners are currently closed or have limited hours but if you are an essential service provider, please use promo code MARCHFREE for 100% off of all passes through the end of April.


See how it works


Use the app to find the closest
Good2Go location.

“It’s all about using technology to solve everyday challenges.” -Fran Heller, Founder and CEO


Good2Go leverages IoT technology to make everyday experiences simpler, more convenient, and more enjoyable. From restrooms to parking structures, office buildings and more, our access and queue management tools create smart spaces where people want and need them most.

Be Good2Go In San Francisco

There are public restrooms and then there’s Good2Go.

Some people think it’s crazy to pay for access to a restroom. Chances are they’re not tourists, rideshare drivers, parents of young children, or anyone who has found themselves buying unwanted products just to get the key to a not-so-great restroom. Good2Go provides modern, touchless facilities for just $0.99 per use. And if you’re a patron of a retail location, it’s free—simply enter the customer code into the app.

“I’ve used it at a couple of locations and I’m sold. A+++.”
- Luke

Participating retailers:

Good2Go mobile unit


For concerts, sports events, festivals, farmer’s markets or anywhere a restroom is handy (which is everywhere), we offer a mobile restroom that provides a seamless user experience via our secure access technology and virtual queue. All our mobile units feature TOTO touchless fixtures and baby changing stations.

Interested in getting information or booking our Mobile unit for a private event, please contact us here.

View the press release.

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