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future of automated access is here.

Good2Go® automated access solutions give customers secure, frictionless access to the products and services they want while deterring crime and misuse. Businesses gain immediate ROI.


Restroom and Dressing Room 2.0

Industry-wide crime and misuse rates are soaring. Limited security measures and no cameras create blind spots for retailers in high-risk areas like restrooms and fitting rooms. Good2Go’s smart, scalable, and dependable deterrent is an immediate and proven solution. Your customers will love it, and the digital fingerprint deters theft, vandalism, and
drug-related incidents.

Secure these high-risk areas with Good2Go quick-to-deploy, easy-to-use technology!

Learn more about our access solutions.


One prevented incident covers the cost of the monthly subscription.

Good ROI:
Smart deterrent.

We've done the math. The numbers add up when you think about shrink, misuse, and labor costs. Good2Go pays for itself with reduced expenses, lower labor costs, and increased customer satisfaction. The prevention of one drug or shrink related incident covers the cost of the Good2Go monthly subscription. Only Good2Go delivers secure, automated access to the products and services customers need while deterring crime and misuse. Happy customers. Happy staff. It just makes sense.

See how much you can save.

Good2Go solutions target critical areas of potential loss inside physical stores: bathrooms, fitting rooms, and locked shelves. During recent earnings calls, multiple major retailers highlighted increased shrink and violence as safety challenges for employees and customers.”

– Tony D’Onofrio, CEO, TD Insights

Good2Go technology in groceries are producing an immediate ROI and enhnanced customer experience

A night and day difference in cleanliness and safety. I am very happy with it.”

– Whole Foods Market, Store Team Leader

Read why Good2Go is good for grocers.

10 issued patents on dozens of use cases saving companies millions of dollars.

Good platform:
Good sense solutions

It’s time to eliminate the barriers between your customer and the products and services they want—with an entry tool that is truly as simple as a QR code.


Only Good2Go offers a single access tool for an infinite number of entry points. Our simple QR code process is highly scalable across industries. From simple restroom and dressing room solutions to a single point of access for every conceivable customer touch-point — transportation, entertainment, order fulfillment, EV interface, travel, transport, and more — it’s limitless.

We’re innovating.

We’re Good2Go

Meet the Good2Go management team and board members and you’ll understand why this is such a beautifully simple solution.

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