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Install Good2Go during your project's design-build and protect restrooms, fitting rooms, and locked merchandise from day one. It's safe, smart, and seamless.

Architectual sketch of a person scanning the Good2Go signage on their phone next to a door.

How Good2Go Works


Hand holding smartphone scanning the Good2Go QR code

User scans the unique

QR code and clicks link

to web app.


Person holding smartphone with the Good2Go access pass on the screen,

User receives a one-time mobile pass via Wi-Fi or cellular connection.


Person scanning the smartphone access pass on the door scanner to unlock.

User displays mobile pass in front of scanner. Hardware grants user access.

Try it.

Scan the QR code for mobile pass demo.

QR code. Click or tap to see mobile pass demo.

Good2Go is a proactive security solution that uses smart, QR code technology to ensure in-store safety while boosting staff productivity and customer satisfaction.

Orange security badge

Mitigate theft, vandalism, and other security risks with digital footprint deterrence

Mobile access holds users accountable and changes their behavior, deterring bad actors from targeting these vulnerable areas resulting in a safer environment.

Orange hand on punch code keypad with cancel sign over it

Eliminate labor-intensive and ineffective key, punch code, and call button management 

There’s no app to download. Customers immediately receive a unique, one-time credential on their phone without having to search for staff. It’s secure, convenient, and frictionless.

A orange gear icon with three people on top

Optimize operational efficiency and productivity with valuable usage data insights

Our real-time usage analytics can be used across teams to measure regained productivity and schedule maintenance, staffing resources, and supplies.

Automatic Door Option (1).jpg

Significant improvement in staff workload, safety and job satisfaction.

Store Manager, San Francisco, CA

Get started with Good2Go's cost-effective, easy-to-use, and quick-to-install technology.

Putting Good2Go to work for your business is simple. We deploy off the shelf hardware and our authorized installers take just one day to get Good2Go up and running. Securing vulnerable areas has never been easier.

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