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Why Automated QR Code Access Control Technology Outperforms Key and Punch Code Locks

Updated: Feb 7

Key and punch code locks seem like the easy choice, but they're ineffective and riddled with security risks. Get ready for something smarter—automated QR code access is here.

Image of person holding a dirty restroom key in the bathroom.

Even in our sophisticated digital society, it's mind-boggling that keys and punch codes are still the "go-to" for safeguarding restrooms, fitting rooms, and precious merchandise. Newsflash: they're outdated and riddled with security issues. Enter automated access technology—a mobile-friendly solution that's more secure, cost-effective, and customer-friendly.

Filling in the gaps

Let's talk about the security gaps that come with using key and punch code locks. Keys are easy to steal and duplicate. As for punch codes, they're like a secret everyone knows, and tracking accountability is impossible because every user is ‘anonymous’. The result? You're stuck in a never-ending loop of changing locks and PIN numbers.

Secure and reliable access is a breeze with automated access technology. Each mobile pass is unique, can only be used one time and can't be shared, waving goodbye to the lock-and-PIN-change routine. It's the simple, most effective way to fill those security gaps.

Mitigating labor costs

Using keys and punch codes means burdening staff to manage access, and that's a double whammy for your budget and your team. First, you're diverting staff resources from their core responsibilities. Second, you're cranking up the volume with security disputes that your staff shouldn’t be asked to handle. Say hello to job dissatisfaction and the hefty cost of staff turnover.

Automated access technology is here to save the day. With the mobile pass, staff can focus on their daily tasks and ensure great customer service, not refereeing keys and codes, dealing with call buttons, and handling security standoffs. Translation? Labor costs are wisely invested in boosting sales, and your team is happier with reduced turnover.

Improving the customer experience

Keys and punch codes are the villains of customer experience. Customers loathe the scavenger hunt for an employee, the inconvenience and unhygienic need to grab and return keys, and having to memorize pin codes just to use the restroom. In fact, half of your customers say they would leave the store if they can't find help. Yikes!

With automated access, businesses say goodbye to unnecessary in-store friction, and hello to seamless self-serve access by loyal customers. Shoppers get what they want without the headache, and your store earns those coveted five-star reviews. It's a win-win that boosts sales and protects your brand reputation. Get ready to make the switch and welcome your store to the future of retail security and loss prevention!

Problem solved

Only Good2Go’s automated access solutions offer a single access tool for an infinite number of entry points. Our simple QR code process is highly scalable across industries. From simple restroom and dressing room solutions to a single point of access for every conceivable customer touch-point — transportation, entertainment, order fulfillment, EV interface, travel, transport, and more — it’s limitless.

To get started with Good2Go, please contact sales. Securing high-risk areas has never been easier!


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