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Toolkit: Making a Business Case for Good2Go

Updated: May 7

Good2Go is the mobile access control solution for restroom and fitting room security. With this toolkit, we'll help you make a compelling case for an easy installation.

Person with a thumbs up in front of a Good2Go door.

Every day can be a battle with security escalations in your store's private corners. From theft and vandalism to drug-related incidents, restrooms become easy targets. Not only is your staff dealing with heightened safety concerns, but your customers experience poor conditions and unsafe situations that make them unlikely to come back. The truth is: poor-quality restrooms are bad for business.

Enter Good2Go, the long overdue loss prevention solution for restroom theft, vandalism and abuse. Our solution let's technology manage secure, automated access to these facilities rather than staffre-allocating time spent managing keys, PIN codes, and security escalations into more productive work. Customers also benefit with frictionless access, improving the in-store experience and protecting brand reputation.

And because Good2Go also offers its QR-code access platform for every conceivable customer touch-pointlike fitting rooms and locked merchandiseyou can further optimize staff resources while promoting a store culture that makes customers and staff feel more safe.

It makes perfect sense. And we're here to help you assure your team that Good2Go is a smart investment that pays for itself. With this toolkit, you'll secure the budget and fast-track installations.

Step 1: Build your case

As you socialize the opportunity with colleagues, arm yourself with data. What's the restroom theft, vandalism, and abuse really costing you? Dive into the last 12 months of your store’s restroom data:

  • How many incident reports have you filed?

  • Are you paying for uniformed security to monitor these high-risk areas?

  • Do you know the estimated number of users for a restroom or dressing room? On average we see 150-200 uses per day. If you are using a key or punch code system, that adds up as a costly distraction for staff.

  • What's the historical spend for repairs, hazmat clean-ups, and security measures? Consider sharps container management, fixture repair/replacement, managing vandalism, etc.

  • What have you learned from your employees and customers? What's the buzz?

  • What circumstances led to restroom closures?

  • Did any restroom incidents result in worker’s compensation claims?

Paint a vivid, data-driven picture that makes your case and draws attention to a solution. We’re here to help you streamline the decision-making process and build your case. Contact sales today and we’ll send you a checklist of cost categories to assess.

Step 2: Articulate Good2Go’s features and value

Now that you’ve built your case, it’s time to present Good2Go as the solution for your in-store needs. Here are some key talking points:

  • Good2Go's QR code technology provides secure access without any app downloads.

  • A digital footprint deters bad actors, reducing shrink, repair costs, hazmat clean-ups, and security escalations.

  • Automating access eliminates burdensome staff responsibilities that add anxiety and dissatisfaction. Providing a self-serve option keeps customers happy and staff focused on core responsibilities.

  • One day is all it takes to get Good2Go up and running with standard, off-the-shelf components. It’s cost effective and quick to deploy.

  • Valuable usage data gives knowledge of your foot traffic to optimize maintenance scheduling and predict supply needs.

  • If your business has its own native app, Good2Go can integrate. This drives app downloads and in-app engagement while providing valuable data analytics.

Download our one-page overview to share with your organization.

Step 3: Calculate ROI, get approved and validate results!

Good2Go pays for itself with reduced crime related expenses, lower labor costs, and increased customer satisfaction. Here’s how you can calculate cost-savings and get buy-in:

  • Crunch the numbers — one prevented incident covers the monthly charge.

  • Redirect staff time to core responsibilities and by eliminating key and code management that saves hundreds of hours a month. That’s thousands of dollars!

  • Reduce shrink, hazmat clean-ups, and costly repairs that come with theft, vandalism, and abuse.

  • Prevent costs tied to high employee turnover due to poor job safety and satisfaction, and lost revenue due to negative brand reputation.

  • Mitigate ‘total loss’ associated with restroom misuse; not just the loss itself but the customer and staff fall-out associated with these bad actor damages.

  • Reduce uniformed security expenses. It’s a no-brainer—no longer will security have to ‘keep an eye’ on restrooms or dressing rooms.

Reach out to us today for a snapshot of powerful before and after data achieved with our solution.

With the budget approved, you’ve got the green light to install Good2Go and get an immediate ROI. Make a plan to validate results. Keep track of the data that mattered most in step one, showcasing Good2Go's positive impact regularly. It will be clear to you and your team that installing Good2Go was the right call.


To get started with Good2Go, please contact sales today.

Frictionless, automated and secure. Happy staff. Happy customers. It just makes sense.


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