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Driving this holiday season?

Get access to better restrooms nearby, right from your smartphone. Perfect for drivers and tourists around San Francisco.

  1. Download app

  2. Choose a location

  3. Arrive and join the virtual queue

  4. Unlock door with your phone

For a limited time only, get 50% off all passes on our app with promo code CHEERS50. Offer ends 12/31/19 11:59pm.


Welcome to Restroom 2.0

Let’s face it, using a public restroom is often a last-resort and a poor experience. In today’s smart-city, IoT-connected world, it simply doesn’t have to be.

Be Good2Go at one of these handy locations.

Entering a promo code is simple

After you download the app and make an account, enter the promo code CHEERS50 during the

payment process.

It's that easy.

Promo Code How To
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